To boldly go…

On 12 April 1981 I sat on the cold stone floor of the hall of my primary school to watch the launch of the first Space Shuttle.

It’s amazing to think that it’s been nine years since the last Shuttle launched from the Kennedy Space Center and almost impossible to believe that Dragon will be the first new American Human Spaceflight Vehicle for nearly 40 years.

Maiden launch of Columbia

My life may have changed out of all recognition during the past four decades however, tomorrow evening I will be watching the launch of the Dragon capsule atop of the Falcon 9 rocket, just as I did all those years ago with Columbia.

Falcon 9 Rocket and Dragon capsule sit waiting for launch on Pad 39a at Kennedy Space Center

It’s human nature to push boundaries and tomorrow’s launch is a new beginning for human space exploration. I can’t wait.

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