Expert Analysis of the Williams FW43

Following the release of images of the 2020 Williams F1 car, what do these photographs tell us about FW43 and the design philosophy behind it.

The front – We can see this because it’s pointy

The first thing that hits you when you first see FW43 is that Williams are running short of blue paint. Luckily Claire is friendly with the Sub-Postmaster at the Grove sorting office and has managed to secure a cheap supply of Royal Mail Red paint.

Side view

Looking beyond the new livery, it is clear to see that Williams are playing it safe and continuing the trend of opting for round wheels and placing one on each corner of the car. This should definitely help reduce rolling resistance and keep the car stable at all times.

Side view on banked corner at Zandvoort

Again Williams are keeping with the traditional layout of the advertising board at the back and the driver seated facing forwards which provides the best position for seeing what is coming towards you.

There’s not much room in the cockpit and I could see no evidence of any USB sockets for George to keep his ROKiT charged.

Front quarter on (whatever that means)

In my opinion this is the best view of the car as this is what we will see on the telly.

It looks very different to the recent launches of both the McLaren and Racing Point because they were orange and pink respectively. However I can see some very real similarities to this year’s Mercedes particularly the bit under the rear engine cover.

Running on track

To sum things up, the FW43 is a huge step forward from last year’s car – mainly because it is actually in Barcelona on time. But who cares what it looks like, what bits stick out where or if it’s got the latest thingy – All we care about is how fast it is and can it challenge for points.

Time will tell.

But whatever happens, I’ll be watching it’s progress all season and willing the team on to succeed.

#WeAreWilliams #WeAreRacing #WeAreFighting

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