40 Years of Williams

It’s not every day you get to meet your childhood heroes.

At Silverstone to celebrate 40 Years of Williams Grand Prix Engineering
Watching this man, Keke Rosberg, wring the neck of his Williams is where my love for F1 started
I always admired Riccardo Patrese’s hard work for the team, spending days testing and developing the cars and never bad mouthing the team. One of F1’s true gentlemen and one which the history books tend to gloss over.
The boss, Claire Williams, being interviewed by Crofty.
GDPA Chairman and former Williams driver, Alex Wurz.
Many people don’t realise that Ross Brawn was an early Williams employee.
1996 World Champion, Damon Hill – Always grateful for the way he carried Williams in the aftermath of Imola 94 and especially his victory in Spain that year.
Aero man, Frank Dernie, who’s work in the Imperial College wind tunnel turned the Williams FW07 into a winner overnight.
Dickie Stanford, long time Williams Team Manager and now running the wonderful Williams Heritage division. Always a great guy to chat to with loads of fantastic stories to tell.
Claire keeping an eye on the track action with her husband Marc Harris.
Sky F1’s David Croft chats to Jonathan Williams about Williams Heritage and the effort that has gone in to the 40th anniversary celebrations.
Rosberg Jr. Would have loved to see Nico take a victory for Williams but alas it was not to be.
Former designer Geoff Willis chatting to Williams Heritage driver Karun Chandhok – I always love listening to Karun talk so passionately about F1. Note that Karun is carrying the Haynes Manual for the FW14B, obviously been swatting up before taking Red 5 out on track.
Peter Windsor – You name it, he’s done it. Marketing, Team Manager and now Journalist. Peter was the passenger in the car with Frank Williams when he had his accident.
Williams Co-Founder and Legend Patrick Head with Frank Dernie.
Pastor Maldonado – The last person to take a victory for Williams (for now…)
Current Williams driver Lance Stroll.
Last but certainly not least, the absolute legend that is Ann Bradshaw – If only she would write a book about it all.

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